Our Boudoir Shoot with Ms. S

In Fall 2020, right after we got to start photographing again, I was incredibly lucky to get to photograph such a brave, and strong woman. Ms. S really brought her all for her session. She truly did so well and I am so glad to be the person she shared this empowering experience with! I would not have even known it was her first ever boudoir session! See what she had to say about it below!


Ms. S . . .

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before?

No I have not

Why did you do your boudoir shoot?

It was outside my comfort zone, I’m trying to like myself, and other reasons.

What was your favourite part of the session?

The people, everyone I talked to was kind and considerate and helpful.

What did doing this shoot do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image? Tell me your story.

It was a very back and forth process for me, so my confidence and self image has been up and down. This is the start of progress for me, I believe. 

Purchasing some of the outfits was a little empowering and fun – despite covid – it was interesting to feel comfortable in the outfits during the shoot. It took some time though, by the end I was not nearly as nervous walking around in them. 


Choosing the photos was harder than I expected it to be. I didn’t leave that part of the process feeling overly confident. 

At this time I try to look at each photo and pick out something I like about myself in the photo, I’m hoping this will help me develop.

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?

It was not what I expected, i had never done one before so I am not sure how it was different

Is there anything extra you would like to tell us?

The language used during the shoot was something that stands out in my mind, it was open and positive, and not at all fake.



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