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About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Kayla, I will be 24 in just a few short day, and I’m a mom to two beautiful children named Kali and Ashur. I grew up here in Edmonton, Alberta with 4 sisters and 2 brothers but as an only child between my mom and dad. From the time I could walk I followed in my fathers footsteps as a sports fan and spent most of my time as a child and teen playing competitive soccer. I absolutely love to travel but don’t get to do it very often anymore and I’m hoping to change that in the next couple of years. I’m a live comfortable type of person and my version of comfortable is wearing a baggy hoodie, yoga pant, and a messy bun.

My kids are 2 and 4 years old and my daughter Kali is the sweetest human I’ve met (most of the time) but also very sneaky. My son is a superhero loving boy that is full of energy and loves to copy everything his sister does (can you tell whose older?). They are my motivation and the reason I wake up in the morning. Both of my kids have photographers child syndrome, I am rarely able to photograph them now because they get annoyed. They would much rather be the ones taking the photos then the ones being in the photos. Occasionally my son wants me to take portraits of him but he gives my less than a minute before he has to run over and check the back of my camera. This might just come with the age, every two year old seems to do the same thing!

I have always been a creative person and have many creatives in my family as well however I didn’t find photography until a few years ago. I got my first DSLR camera in 2016 and became obsessed with it! I mostly spent my time photographing my children and occasionally, portraits of my sister. I had been working in a hospital as a clerk prior to my parental leave and I did not enjoy it. I was surrounded by amazing colleagues but something was missing for me. For years I tried to think of a career in the arts that I was passionate enough to go broke for and when I found photography, I just knew it was the path for me. I started off photographing newborns, maternity, and some boudoir. There was a commonality amongst every newborn session I did and that was that mothers did not want to be in photographs with their newborns. Natural we would get into conversation and I would learn that it was due to a lack of self confidence. So many new moms would be ashamed of their bodies and the changes that came along with carrying a child.  I’d assure moms that they were absolutely gorgeous and that they need to give themselves credit because they had just given life to the most precious little human. As a mother myself, I can 100% relate to all women who are going through the same thing. I also hated my body post pregnancy and I occasionally do have the same thoughts pop up in my mind. I’ve been on a journey of self love and all the amazing women I photograph inspire me to love me as well. The other thing I discovered while on my journey is that the size you are does not matter. I’ve photographed plus sized women and I’ve photographed women who are thin and it did not matter, many women shared the same negative view of their bodies. I feel a need to help women gain back confidence, to help them realize that their body is just a vessel, and that they aren’t their weight. Confidence comes from the mind, not the scale, and I know this from personal experience. I used to be a healthy, fit person and I had the same negative feelings that honestly effected my day to day. I’m now a plus sized woman and I struggled every day with those same thoughts for a long time.

What I Do

When I’m asked what I do for work, I respond with I help women to feel confident with who they are, as they are. I don’t like to consider myself a photographer because photography is just the tool I use to help women. My clients reactions to their portraits during the reveal appointment mean the most to me. I love leaving women speechless with a feeling of disbelief that they actually look that amazing. Me and my clients often become good friends throughout the experience and hearing them say they are beautiful (sometimes with a tear in their eye) warms my heart. Now I can’t guarantee that women will continue to feel more confident because confidence is something that needs a lot of work to achieve. I do however promise to treat you like a queen, to listen to your story, to help tell your story, and to do the best I possibly can to allow you to see yourself  how I see you. I promise to give you a beautiful album that you can look at for years to come as a reminder for how gorgeous you really are. And lastly, I promise that my space is a place free from judgement and full of love. Every stretch mark, every scar, every perceived flaw, is what makes you unique so embrace it all. My retouching process exclude the removal of stretch marks and scars, and everything else that is permanent. I do fix temporary blemishes, even out skin tones, and remove objects that may be distracting in the image.

VIP Group

If you love what I do and what I stand for, please request to join my women only VIP facebook group Boudie Babes VIP Group . It’s a community of women who are free to share their stories and empower other women. I post many offering in the group and members receive first dibs on tickets to events and boudoir marathons!


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  1. Dawn Harper says:

    Amazing Kayla, you are a wonderful soul and have a beautiful talent. i look forward to continuing watching you flourish and grow.

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