Boudoir by Weech Photography - Brittany

Boudoir by Weech Photography – Brittany

Boudoir Photographer : @weechphotography

Model: @bmwcosby

I had a blast photographing Brittany for a boudoir session. We had been trying to schedule a session for quite some time since we were both super busy and it was so worth it! I ended up working with her a couple of times because we had such a good time and we got along so well. When I want to try out new poses, I will ask a model to come in so I can practice. It’s my belief that I will always have something new to learn and teach.




Critiquing Your Work

This is one of my favourite photographs from this boudoir session, I absolutely love it. As a photographer it is very important to critique your own work since that is how you grow. I often ask other professionals in the industry to also critique my portraits as well. There are some changes I would make with this portrait if I were to photograph it again which happens 95% of the time. The changes are really minor and never have to do with the beautiful women in the portraits. Simple things like closed vs open hands, the angle, and little details, can all make a difference. But, regardless of those little change , you have to remember that you will always see something you could have changed and it doesn’t mean you can’t love the portraits you have created. Another great way to get advice on how you can improve your work is with portfolio reviews. There may be events happening locally to you that allow you to show your portfolio and get feedback from to professional photographers.




Growth As An Artist

For this session I decided to really work on posing women to accentuate the butt! Most women choose butt shots for 3 out of 10 portraits for their album. Posing is so important when it comes to this part of a boudoir session. A good way to get a lot of variety in a short amount of time is to simply walk around a pose. Then, you can add some props and make small adjustments in poses for a completely different look! Overtime you may develop a workflow that will allow you to make the best use out of yours and your clients time. Variety is key! There are great resources that you can find online for flow posing. No matter how good you get at photographing your niche, there will always be something you can learn!




Outfit Changes

For boudoir sessions, I typically ask my clients and models to bring at least 2 outfit changes. Ideally, I would love for women to bring 4 outfits and I usually ask that at least one of the outfits be a bodysuit. I absolutely love bodysuits, you can do so much with them! Because so many women invest a good amount into their lingerie for their boudoir session and never use it, I decided to begin investing in a client closet. So far my boudoir closet has sizes S-XL and I am always looking for more styles and sizes. If you have recommendations on quality lingerie that caters to all sizes, make sure to drop the links in the comments!

Portfolio - Brittany Cosby-007

If you are a photographer, I would love to hear from you! What do you struggle with the most, what would you like to improve on? What are you amazing at? I am a strong believer of community over competition so if you have some amazing online resources, feel free to share them in the comments. Also, let me know if you would be interested in a post all about quality resources for learning photography!


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