Boudoir photography has grown in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. It’s a chance to be creative, explore a different side of yourself, and celebrate your body and beauty. But it can also be intimidating—it’s hard to know what to expect when you step into a boudoir studio. Here are six […]


February 24, 2023

6 Reasons Every Woman Should Experience a Boudoir Session at Least Once

Valentines Day is soon approaching. Whether you’re single or have a partner, Valentine’s boudoir is a great way to celebrate yourself. 1. A Valentine’s Day boudoir session is a great gift for yourself AND a special someone. Boudoir sessions are always about you first and foremost. Whether you are single or with a partner, albums […]


December 14, 2022

Valentine’s Boudoir – 5 Reasons to Book Your Boudoir Session

boudoir photo of woman in red lingerie holding red roses

Bondage Boudoir – Ms. I IG : @weechphotography Bondage boudoir is such a fun and intense way to get some variety in your album and to do something different! When Ms.I inquired about a boudoir session, I just knew we would end up doing some BDSM inspired portraits. I was so happy to hear that […]


April 20, 2022

Bondage Boudoir Session Edmonton


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