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Hey Gorgeous, my name is Kayla and I'm so glad you're here! My journey into boudoir started when I took action and began my own journey to self love. 

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I was a student with two children who had a vision but my lack of self-confidence was stopping me from taking action. I get it, you haven't had much time for yourself, you're doing your best but you feel like you have lost yourself.

There is nothing that I love more about what I do than helping women find themselves again. Today you are worthy of self love and deserve to be pampered like the queen you are. Break free from your own self doubt and experience self love.

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"I've fallen in love with my body thanks to Kayla"

"Even with all my "flaws" I was beautiful, I AM beautiful and I want to thank Kayla for making me feel like a queen, I will cherish my photos."

Kayla is amazing ! I've worked with her on a few occasions and she is absolutely brilliant! Her creativity and work makes me feel so good about myself. I've fallen in love with my body thanks to Kayla, I couldn't be happier! Thank you Kayla, I can't wait for future sessions with you. 

Most of my nerves were gone when I met Kayla at the door. I was then glammed up with hair, makeup and lashes. Shoot time! It was cold, no, it was freezing and here I was half naked in a bodysuit lol it took less than 5 minutes to warm up as it was a bit of a workout. I was a newbie and definitely needed Kayla's direction, I think she had to tell me "chin out and down" and "relax your forehead" a couple dozen times (sorry) the shoot flew by and before I knew it time was up! On reveal day I never could have expected how great the photos would be, they were ME, I had makeup and lashes but it was still me, my curves and stretch marks, my cellulite and short legs. Even with all my "flaws" I was beautiful, I AM beautiful and I want to thank Kayla for making me feel like a queen, I will cherish my photos.

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Before your scheduled session, we will design your dream boudoir experience. We will discuss location, wardrobe, hair & makeup, and I will send you a prep guide. The prep guide will give you even more details on how you can prepare for your session. 

If you have chosen to opt in to our complimentary hair & makeup services, we will first meet at my studio to begin your day of pampering. When you are in hair & makeup, we will go through everything you brought. Next we will have an amazing time creating the most beautiful photographs of you.  No need to worry about posing, I will guide you through every pose and facial expression at your pace. 

About a week after your session we will meet again for your reveal & ordering appointment. Over some snacks & beverages, we will go through your gorgeous portraits and hand select your favourites and place your order.  Some of the options include custom designed albums, fine-art canvases, and metal prints. 


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