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YEG Louis Vuitton Giveaway

OH. MY. GOSH. Okay, ladies! I went into the Louis Vuitton store in the West Edmonton Mall. And I loved everything I saw. So I decided its time to take the leap and announce the YEG Louis Vuitton Giveaway by Weech Photography!! I went looking for one thing and the salespeople were so friendly, nice, and accomodating. I felt at home immediately. When I told my salesman what I was looking for and why to get immediately found the perfect piece for this giveaway! It is a gorgeous wallet and the best part is it is pink on the inside. I immediately fell in love, honestly, I wish I could keep it for myself it’s so so pretty (There is definitely another trip to Louis Vuitton in my near future.)

YEG Louis Vuitton Giveaway

So you probably want the deets, and I am ready to supply them. So how do you enter the YEG Louis Vuitton Giveaway?

  1. Head over to my Instagram find the post and follow the steps!
  2. Same thing on Facebook!

Those are the main ways to enter and you get an entry for each.


Additional Ways to Enter!

YEG Louis Vuitton Giveaway


After you have done one (or both) of those you can request to join my All women’s VIP Facebook group for more ways to win! Once you’re there you get YEG Louis Vuitton Giveaway entries by:

  1. Joining the group! Easy right? Just answer the membership questions and agree to the rules!
  2. Join the newsletter by giving your email when you answer the entry questions!
  3. Watch our live videos and follow our group for more ways to enter, we will be announcing there first!


You can also share this blog for an entry! Just copy and paste the link to your Facebook post and tag us by typing @weechphotography and click “Weech Photography – Edmonton Intimate Portraiture” when it pops up!

And after all that, there are two more ways to enter and these are the BIG ONES. so listen up (or read up)

  1. BOOK A SESSION (and sign the contract). This is a big one so if you’ve been thinking about a session now is the right time! (50  BONUS ENTRIES)
  2. REFER A FRIEND When they sign their contract you’ll get 10 entries! and this is unlimited! If you refer 10 friends and they all sign the contract you’ll get 100 entries (10 Entries x number of successful referrals!)

To book your dream boudoir experience click here! We are so excited to chat!!

YEG Louis Vuitton Giveaway

And you’ve read this far so you deserve and extra entry! On Facebook add me and message me the keyword: WINNER





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