Empowerment Boudoir Edmonton - Galentine's Event

Empowerment Boudoir Edmonton – Galentine’s Event

This year in light of Valentine’s Day, we hosted a Galentine’s Day event exclusive to members of our VIP boudoir facebook group (join here : Boudie Babes by Weech Photography – VIP) . The goal of every boudoir session is femme empowerment. Sometimes however it can be difficult for women to take the first step due to a multitude of reasons. Galentines’ was about celebrating Valentines but with your girls! We have an amazing community of women on facebook that are judgement free. What better way to REALLY get to know someone then sitting in a circle in nothing but your lingerie?! It was great to see so many women supporting each other. I think in a world of social media, gathering like this are super important!

At this event, each woman got to experience a little bit of a typical empowerment boudoir session. I am so proud of each and every woman who courageously stood in front of the camera while everyone watched with nothing but words of encouragement.  At first I thought some women would opt out but I was pleasantly  surprised when I realized I had photographed everyone!

Continue below to hear about the experience from the women who attended the event below.

woman with blond hair wearing red lingerie

“I had the pleasure of being photographed by Kayla a couple of weeks ago. I have struggled with being self conscious
my whole life and was nervous to be photographed. I have never felt so comfortable in front of a camera, feminine
and beautiful. Kayla is so easy, fun to work with and is great at helping you pose (even for those who have an awful
time following direction 🖐). The experience was truly unforgettable and I hope to do it again in the future! I
HIGHLY recommend!! “ – Charity

boudoir photo blond hair woman sitting on chair

“Kayla is a true joy to work with! She takes the time and makes an inspiring effort to ensure you’re comfortable
(with both her and with your own body), relaxed, and enjoying every second of your photography experience with her. She goes above and beyond to remind you, through her amazing work, her lovely laugh, and her welcoming presence,
that you are more
beautiful than you think and encourages and empowers you to own your own gorgeous self.
Thank you so much, Kayla! Beyond all of that,
though, it’s also just an absolute gift to be able to experience and
witness her passion for her work. She’s a hard worker, dedicated to
providing a stellar experience
(from customer service to the photoshoot to the editing process and beyond). I haven’t yet had
pleasure of a full experience with her – just a phenomenal little snapshot – but I can safely say that I cannot wait to
in the full Weech Photography experience!” – Carly

smiling boudoir photo

edmonton boudoir photographer

“I’ve had Kayla photograph me a couple times and from the first time I instantly felt comfortable and me not having
any experience was not an obstacle for her. She made the experience easy and even if there were things I wasn’t quite
doing right, I never felt like it was my fault. She just told me to relax, take a breathe and guided me into the pose a
different way. Every experience from booking to ordering is amazing with her and I cannot stress how amazing it
is too see yourself in an actual print or album! By far the best part is how gorgeous and confident Kayla helped me
feel. I 100% recommend her because not only are you investing in her amazing product,
you’re also investing in yourself.” – Camryn
boudoir photo of woman with short hair
boudoir photo woman in bodysuit with blue eyes and short hair
boudoir photo of mature woman
boudoir photo of mature woman
“Would highly recommend Kayla if interested in having Boudair pics done. She was friendly and complimentary and immediately made me feel at ease. She has a way of making you feel confident and comfortable in what could easily be an awkward situation. Kayla knows how to position your body to get the perfect shot. My experience was overwhelmingly positive” – Debby
empowerment boudoir session woman with tattoo
boudoir photo of woman with tattoos - empowerment boudoir session
“It was the best experience she is the best photographer she makes feel welcomed doesn’t judge and makes u feel sexy and pretty love her🖤🖤🖤🖤” – Nikali
“This was my first experience with Weech photography and it was great. I felt really comfortable as usually I am really shy in front of cameras. But this was a great one! I will book with her for another shoot in the near future that’s for sure!”  – Vivian
moody boudoir photo casual shirt
“Kayla was absolutely fantastic. I had always wanted to try boudoir but when it came time to it I was ready to bail. She put zero pressure on me, made me laugh, made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommend her and I look forward to seeing her again.” – Crystal
maternity boudoir of plus size woman
“Kayla was an absolute pleasure to work with! My best friend and I went and shot with her at the same time! She definitely makes you feel like a goddess in front of the camera! I constantly struggle with my body and Kayla made me feel so beautiful and comfortable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 😊” -Katherine


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