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Edmonton Boudoir Photographer – Weech Photography

A Session With Weech Photography


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I had so much fun during this boudoir session with Bella! I decided to go on location to her home for the session because I wanted to change up the look. Excitement hit me when I walked into her space to see that it had a boho feel! My brain automatically visualized how I was going to work with the space and the light and was pleasantly surprised to see that her accent colours matched the colour of the lingerie I had picked out from my client closet.


 Edmonton-boudoir-photographerWhat to Wear

This set of lingerie was provided by me for this session. I have a bunch of pieces in different sizes and most are teal and black. I purchased the lingeire shown at LaSenza.

This bra is currently on clearance! Here’s the link to the BRA !

Some things to keep in mind when planning attire for your boudoir session:

  1. Your comfort level – How much skin are you comfortable with having exposed is an important consideration!
  2. Color – The colour of your lingerie should work with your look and the environment you will be photographed in.
  3. Design – Not all lingerie is made equal. Some lingerie really shows off shape whereas other pieces may hide your shape.

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A simple way to change up the look is to take a piece off! That, combined with a change in expression can leave you with some beautiful portraits. If you’re ever nervous about your session and how to get an amazing expression, don’t waste your time in front of a mirror. If a client is unsure of what to do with their face, I guide them into expressions fitting for the mood. It can be as simple as saying “think about sex” or “breathe through your mouth”. A good boudoir photographer should be able to guide you into the expression and reassure you by letting you know you’re doing an amazing job!





  • If you are uncomfortable for any reason at any time, let your photographer know!
  • Have a playlist of your favourite music to listen to during your session
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water
  • Avoid spray tanning before your session
  • Avoid shaving or waxing the days before your session
  • Have fun!!


I help my clients pose from head to toe! A boudoir session can be a really fun experience and I think it’s important to remember that when you are looking through a portfolio, don’t compare yourself to anyone. I utilize poses to emphasize certain features and a great example is butt shots!! There are key points I go through with my clients that ensure they get the nice shape you see in all the portrait that feature the bum! I’ll be honest and say most women absolutely love these portraits and include at least 4 in their albums.

My Questions For You

I love hearing from my readers! I have a few questions for you. If you were to have a session with me, what kind of questions would you have for me? What would you like me to talk about in future posts? And most importantly, what’s stopping you from experiencing a session with me? You may be surprised to learn that if your reasons have to do with it being the wrong time, I will tell you now that there never is a “right time”. All of you deserve to feel and look amazing as you are. Everyday is a good day for self love.



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