Edmonton Boudoir Photographer's Response to Toilet Paper Crisis

Edmonton Boudoir Photographer’s Response to Toilet Paper Crisis

Model: Charmin toilet paper

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I completed photographing my last boudoir session on March 3rd before the coronavirus hit Edmonton. As the only one in my family that is local and regularly checking on my grandmother, I made the decision early on to reschedule all of my upcoming boudoir sessions. This was a difficult choice to make but it turned out to be the right choice. Shortly after, my children’s school and daycare closed and suddenly my life at home became even more hectic!

Before people started clearing the shelves of grocery stores, I had purchased enough for my family for a couple of weeks. What I wasn’t expecting was a toilet paper crisis. . . And suddenly we were on our last roll. Oh no! With all the bad news of COVID-19 circulating on social media,  I decided to give my last roll of Charmin toilet paper the luxury experience it deserves… I hope that this “boudoir” session puts a smile on your face in a time where many of us are stuck at home.

Finally, I want to thank all frontline worker for everything that you are doing. While the world slows down, you are working tirelessly. I see you, and I appreciate you!

To view more of the photos from this session, join us in our VIP facebook group here : Boudie Babes by Weech Photography – VIP

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What are you doing to pass the time while at home?  Do you have any recommendations? Have you been working on some DIY projects? Creating art? I want to hear about it in the comments below!




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