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Being a boudoir photographer means working with all women regardless if they are a model or not.  I have had the opportunity to work with Megan Julie on a boudoir session recently. Megan is a model and upon conversing with her, I just new we would hit it off! I believe it’s important to work with models because they are people too. Deep down they have a story that they may do a good job of hiding. They may have features that they dislike and features that they love. I love to include models in my work for this reason, because they too, are real. I find women like Megan to be truly inspiring. A lot of these women model for their own self confidence or because they are trying to overcome something that has happening in their lives.


As a boudoir photographer, I have thought long and hard about why I do what I do. I try my best to stay true to myself so that models and clients have an instant connection with me. Megan was really easy to work with and her confidence was inspiring.

Boudoir photographer Weech Photography captures portrait of woman with blonde curly hair that is falling over her left eye beautifullyRetouching Process

I absolutely love retouching and have spent countless hours practicing to make everything in a portrait as perfect as possible to the point it is unrealistic. I’ve also done the complete opposite and hardly touched other images.  I like to think of retouching as a creative process. It really can be fun to play with but it is easy to get carried away and take it too far. For boudoir session I do absolutely minimal editing. I only remove things that are temporary such as blemishes in the skin and discolourations such as redness and tan lines. I will remove hairs that I find distracting from important elements of a portrait and objects that are distracting as well.

A lot of the times models are selected because there is something unique about their look. They are often retouched to look flawless and that’s why they deserve to work with a boudoir photographer who can help them celebrate who they are, as they are. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with retouching because for me, it’s a creative process. However, for my message, retouching to that extent would take away from what I’m trying to accomplish. I would love the hear your thoughts on this!





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