5 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Do A Boudoir Session

5 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Do A Boudoir Session

You might be asking yourself why a boudoir photographer is advising against doing a boudoir session.. Well over the many conversations I’ve had with women, here are 5 reasons why you should NOT do a boudoir session.

Edmonton-Boudoir-Photographer-Photography-Brittany-0081.YOU WANT TO DO A BOUDOIR SESSION PURELY AS A GIFT FOR SOME ELSE

While boudoir albums certainly make amazing gifts for your partner, the experience is all about YOU. Your day will be spent being pampered and treated like the queen YOU ARE.Now I’m not saying don’t give an album as a gift to your partner, I’m saying do it for you first. The experience will be that much more amazing when you do it for you. Enjoy yourself, take this time for YOU.


Look, sometimes we need a bit of help from a professional. Sometimes there are underlying mental health illnesses that can really impact how you feel in your skin. Ask me how I know.. I have been there before. Boudoir should not be used as a replacement for when therapy is necessary but rather in conjunction with. Self love is so much more than loving how you look and it takes a lot of work to be truly confident. Now, many women do feel a boost of confidence throughout their experience and many walk away more empowered than when they first came through the door. Just realize boudoir isn’t a one stop shop to confidence, it’s a small piece of a much larger picture. I can’t promise that you will feel 100% confident throughout your entire session, but I will be your shoulder to cry on if you need to, I will listen to you, and I will provide a safe environment for you to open up and be yourself.

3. VENGENCEblack and white boudoir photo

You know what’s better than doing a boudoir session as a way of “getting back” at an ex? Doing it as a gift to yourself and for your eyes only. Boudoir is about the entire experience, not just the gorgeous photos in the end. It’s about raising yourself up, becoming more in touch with who you are. You are so much more than your body, trust me.

Okay, I know that was pretty deep but it needed to be said.


Here are a couple of reason (aka excuses) why you shouldn’t do a boudoir session.

boudoir plus sized woman posing on couch


This is usually the first thing I hear from women. Ladies, you are so beautiful as you are today. You have weight loss goals, great! But what’s stopping you from loving yourself today? You are so much more than the number on the scale and you deserve to feel beautiful as you are. I have worked with women of all shapes and sizes and all of their portraits have been  🔥.


The clients that I have the honour of photographing spend a lot of time being pampered. Besides the pampering that happens during sessions, many women are pampered as preparation for their session as well. They receive regular emails leading up to their session to ensure they are fully prepared for whats to come. Also, treats and donuts might be waiting for you too.


In conclusion, boudoir is about celebrating you! There is nothing wrong with gifting an album from your session to a significant other, just make sure you’re doing it for YOU first. Experiencing a boudoir session can be an amazing boost of confidence but please realize that it is okay to ask for help when you need it 🖤. I provide a fun, safe environment for you to be who your are.

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